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What an amazing time of Ministry. I am so proud of each and every one of you!


We saw people in need . . . and we prayed for them and with them. We saw people having fun . . . and we joined in on the fun and invited them to the launch. We saw people mentally ill . . . and we learned their names and their situations. We met some men with identity issues . . . and showed them love through gifts and prayer.


We were supernaturally equipped and their is now one that deserves the glory but our Father in Heaven.

Praise You Lord of Heaven and Earth! Thank you for revealing to us your heart for the lost. We know you can save by many or by few. We may be few, but we are united and yielding to You Lord!


Keep those whom the Lord led you to interact with in Prayer. Intercede for them. You know their names. The Lord knows their heart.

We are so excited for November 24th. Be praying friends. God Bless.


In All Things,

Pastor Hector