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2019 | VISION

We hope you are having a great morning, a great start to the new year, and fresh vision for all that God wants to do in and through you.

As we begin this year, I can’t tell you how excited I am to venture into uncharted territory. As I have been praying, I believe God is leading us to grow in 3 areas. 

1. Community 
2. Missions
3. Serving

I believe God wants to see us grow in community, so we will be scheduling a minimum of 4 events throughout the year to help us grow closer together as a church family. Most importantly, we want to grow with you in the scriptures. On Sundays, we will take some time to recap the weeks scripture reading, and continue through our current Teaching Series. 

We want to grow our local vision, so we will be participating in local events to help us see the reality of our city. We will serve the homeless, pay for loads of laundry, and partner with Emerson Elementary to meet some needs among the families that go to school there. 

We want to expand our global vision, so we will be fundraising for missionaries across borders, oceans, and continents. We want to be a blessing to them, and give generously to those serving Jesus across the world.

This is going to cost us something. It is going to involve us taking steps of faith. Personally I am going to grow my giving by $100 a month. As a church, we are committing 10% of all Tithes to go towards meeting these three goals. Every month we will publish this amount to keep us accountable to you and to the mission God has called us to. 

Church, I want us to be as generous as God has been with us. Like I said in Sunday’s Sermon, it is exciting to live by faith. I’d rather function tithe to tithe and know that God is with us, instead of depending on loans that will put us into debt for things that God may not be calling us to. I can guarantee you this, as we pray for missionaries, as we seek to serve Him, as we take steps of faith, God is going to show us what “exceedingly abundantly, above all that we can ask or think” really means. 

I hope this encourages you.
I hope it stirs up your faith.

 Pastor Hector

We want to help you Read Scripture in 2019. The Bible Project has created a great resource called “Read Scripture”. It is an application that outlines sections of scripture and adds videos to help you understand the text. You can either use the Read Scripture App, or subscribe to the Reading Plan on your YouVersion Bible App. Pick one and read scripture with us. 

This is Walt & Maribel. They have been serving the Lord in El Zorillo, Baja California. The Lord has given them a Community Center to rent out in El Zorillo, which is about 30 minutes south of Ensenada. This Community Center is used to love on the kids of El Zorillo, and to share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ. At any point, there could be 10-40 kids hanging out, playing ping pong, air hockey, or studying the Bible. Walt and Maribel have been faithfully serving these kids and giving them fresh hope in Jesus Christ. Will you pray for Walt and Maribel, that the Lord provides for their every need. That the Lord would sustain them as they minister to these kids. That God would restore El Zorillo and use Walt and Maribel to bring renewal to this community. Thank you so much. 

Here is the last service of 2018. 
Check it out and be encouraged. 
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