In the Bible Thanksgiving is seen as a sacrifice to the Lord, a song that a specific community sings, but most importantly it is the very behavior that should precede everything. Thanksgiving is a reflection and a publishing of God’s nature. It is what happens when we respond to his unchanging nature. Because He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith and because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In all of His grace, He will make himself known to you as the only constant in your life. As his people we have the privilege of communicating this attribute to our friends and family this Thanksgiving.

We have a God who is unchanging.

He is the very foundation of our Thankfulness, that is, without Him there would be nothing to really be thankful for. We could act a little thankful. We could express our thankfulness in the things we have acquired or earned. But those things can be devalued when they fade away or lose their character.

We have a God who loved through Giving.

Let me tell you about something that we all need to realize. Whether you know Jesus or not, you will never be thankful for something if you’ve earned it, worked for it, or felt entitled to it. Thankfulness and Gratitude are set aside for those who have received something that in and of themselves they could not create. You can only be fully thankful or experience the fullness of gratitude when something was done for you that you could not do for yourself.

We have a God who gave us everything, even Himself.

Your career, your friends and family, the delicious food in front of you, are good things. Things to be thankful for. But these things are mere shadows of what we should truly be thankful for. For if we believe that every good and perfect thing comes from the Father of Lights in whom there is no variation or shadow of turning, then and only then, can our thankfulness go from an ordinary behavior to a doxological manifestation.

We have a God who is worthy of all praise.

Today and for the rest of this holiday season, be thankful for the “stuff”, but may those things just lift your eyes to the one from which all blessings flow. May you sing about Him this holiday season. May you proclaim His goodness from the rooftops. May you establish a culture of thanksgiving that precedes everything. For before we were, He was.

Much Love to You and Yours.

In Jesus Name.

Pastor H