What a Beautiful Season!

The last two and a half years of our lives have been challenging yet glorious, trying yet joyful, frightening yet exciting. It is what you can expect when you’re dealing with sin radically, restoring people completely, and reaching out without boundaries or expectations.

We have seen our congregation grow in leaps and bounds. Learning to wrestle with the hard questions of life. Mourning with each other over the loss of loved ones. Studying the word together and debating tough subjects. Putting our differences aside for the cause of the Gospel. Allowing the Spirit to work in each other’s lives for the collective spiritual maturity of our church. Learning to trust Jesus and His perfect plan for our lives has been difficult but always beneficial. It has been the hardest yet most rewarding process of our lives.

This month we have been able to relate with Mary & Joseph. The fear, the doubt, the confusion, and the reality of life. Though it can be overwhelming, we have learned to continue trusting in the Lord and His Word. We have learned to continue trusting despite being frightened by the truths of His promises and the validity of His Voice. Sometimes he wrecks us in such a way that forces us to go deeper in trust, faith, and peace. Like Mary & Joseph, we have continued to stay the course despite what the crowds were saying, despite what we felt like doing, and all while disregarding the lies of the enemy throughout the process.

This Christmas, we encourage you to fight. Fight for restoration. Fight for reconciliation. Fight for redemption. Fight against everything that is telling you to stop loving Jesus. Fight against everything that is slowly making you complacent. Fight against everything that is taking your family time away. Most importantly, fight against everything that is stealing your joy.

Jesus said in John 10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

When all the presents are unwrapped. When all the leftovers are gone. When all your family has flown back home. After the shepherds and the wisemen left. After the baby dedication. After Simeon saw the salvation of the Lord. There was still the journey back to reality for Mary and Joseph.

The greatest gift you will unwrap this Christmas is the Will of God for your life in this next season. Open it with joy that will expel your fear. Open it with expectation that no matter what happens, He is with you. Unwrap that thing like it was the only thing on your wish list. In it you will find your confidence, your identity, and your sustenance no matter how it plays out in real time.

We Love You So Much Church! We are praying for you individually and by name. Thank you for giving your time, effort, finances, and love to us in the name of Jesus. We could not do this without you.


We Glory in Him because of you!

Pastor Hector, Carol, Abigail, Penelope, and Lucia.


We know that God uses His people to further His Kingdom. We have seen him do above and beyond what we can ask or think. The radical thing is that He did it through you. Through your financial donations we have been able to feed the homeless, clothe the poor, bless communities, equip the saints, and further His Kingdom. We are forever thankful for you and we know that your steps of faith in giving will not return void. We cannot have done this without you.