Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
From the bottom of our hearts.

Not only were we able to raise money for the Ping Pong Table, we were able to to purchase new Ping Pong Equipment, treat the kids to a special lunch, and give all the girls a manicure. Yes, you helped us do all of that.

You should have seen their faces. You should have heard the gasps. It was such an honor to see God use all of us collectively in bringing such joy to a little community. As we handed out all the ping pong equipment, the kids were so content with just the equipment. However, when we opened the van doors and brought out the table, you can sense that they were shocked that God would answer their prayers from almost 2 years ago.

Before the adrenaline stopped, we decided to grab some lunch for the kids. Instead of grabbing Costco Pizza, Little Caesars, or McDonald’s, we decided to ask Walt (The Shepherd of Los Eligidos) to find someone in the community who sells tacos. Little did we know that one of the girls that attends the Bible Study works for her parents at their Birrieria (Birria Tacos Stand). From the delicious tacos, to Mexican Coke’s, the kids felt so special to be eating together with our team and enjoying the day. The Blessing behind all of this is that we were able to bring business to a local family who had probably never seen that much revenue in an hour.

As we headed back to the ministry center, one of the girls from our team thought it would be a good idea if we gave the girls a mini manicure. $30 and 30 minute drive later, we had all the Nail Polish and supplies we needed. One of our leaders pulled up pinterest and began to give the girls unique designs to choose from. These girls were ecstatic, but the crazy part was, was finding out that some of the girls had never had their nails painted.

As I reflect on what God did for us in providing all the supplies. Looking at the things He did while we were there. Pondering all the feelings that we were left with, made us feel both blessed to be a part of the work but burdened in the fact that this work is not over. There is so much to do and God is already placing things in our hearts for the future. Not only will it take resources, but it will take more hands to manifest the Love of God to its potential in this community.

For those of you who have ever given to our church, we thank you. For those who sent checks to meet needs, thank you. For those who prayed for us, thank you. It is such an amazing thing to see the Church come together to love on and demonstrate how real the Love of God is.

I can’t thank you enough.

Pastor Hector