Yesterday was an amazing time of fellowship and prayer. The very witness of us being there and interacting with the people of that community is a direct reflection of God’s will for this city.



The more and more I pray for this Church Plant, I know that we are called to be a light in the culture that is already surrounding us. The crazy thing is that God is already working, and has been working in building His Church in this city.


As many of you noticed, that little park is the epicenter for families to come and interact with each other, and we were there among them, praying for them and inviting them to the launch of our church. If you stepped back, you would notice that there is a great diversity not only in regards to ethnicity but also in family structure. Just another awesome beautiful accent to the mission God has called us to.


On the 2nd Street side of things, the transient culture(some homeless, but mostly people who are in the city temporarily) of this city showed its true colors. We noticed that many people called themselves “visitors. It was very clear that the locals were thankful for the invitation but never took the rave card. However it was those who were on bar stools, watching football games, enjoying the morning that were very receptive and even received prayer on that beautiful Sunday Morning.


As we finished the morning off in a prayer circle, I could tell that there was a buzz in the air. The families surrounding us knew that there was something different about our approach to church and friendships. The surrounding neighborhood was very receptive as we knocked on their doors and invited them to be a part of this new work.


We couldn’t be more excited that Jesus is preparing good works for us, that we would walk in them. He is building His Church, not only for us to call it our home, but that we would also live out it’s purpose in the midst of a lost culture.


Next week its Retro Road & Bixby Park, a very needy, homeless, but trendy part of Long Beach where Thrift Stores thrive, addicts and coffee connoisseurs get their fix, and a place that is in desperate need of healing and the Gospel.

In All Things,

Pastor Hector.