We are Thankful for YOU. . .

For the last 27 months we have been a part of a group of people who have become very close. We arrive to church early, set up, pray for the service, and hang out as we hope and pray for more people to be changed by the Gospel.

A new family will jump out of their cars and the question remains “Who are they? How did they find out about us? Who invited them?”, or when it’s a millennial, “Hector must have met them at the coffee shop”. I love our church’s curiosity. We want to know people’s story and we want to know how we can be a part of it.

As 10:30 approaches, it’s like an internal alarm goes off that nobody wants to verbally acknowledge because we are having so much fun talking about our week’s adventures. I love how involved and how much care is shown before service.

For me, the feeling of “Is this the week that no one shows up” has turned into “How can we make sure everyone feel’s at home”. Our Church has turned into that, a home, a place where people can be themselves, a place where we feel comfortable enough to be dorky, transparent, and repentant.

This Thanksgiving, I want our team to know that I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished, but most importantly, I’m overwhelmingly thankful for who we are. Thank You for serving selflessly, praying without ceasing for each other, encouraging one another, making fun of each other, and always having each others back.

If you have never been to our church, but you’ve prayed for our church, don’t worry, your as much a part of this work as those who show up. There are also those who have invested in this work both prayerfully and financially, and we want you to know that you too are part of our team. There are also those who cheer us on from afar, we salute you too. Bottomline, this work could not be done without the working of the Holy Spirit in each one of your hearts.

This Thanksgiving, as you sit around with those whom you love. Find out what the Holy Spirit is doing and bring it to life. Pray for those who are empty and need to be filled. Pray for those who are lost and need to be found. Be thankful that God is working and you get to be a part of His Kingdom work one individual at a time.

I appreciate every one of you. Thanks for all you do. Don’t stop believing in what Christ has called us to do together.

Always remember, we are better together.

We are thankful for you and how God has brought us together for His Glory!

Pastor Hector, Carol, Abigail, Penelope, and Lucia,

PSALM 100:4
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.