It is Thanksgiving morning, and I am already looking forward to the day’s festivities. I can’t wait to hang out with my family and enjoy their presence and their comfort.

Now I know what you may be thinking . . . Maybe you aren’t happy about seeing some family members. Maybe you don’t agree with them and their political stance thats been perfectly promoted over social media. Maybe you could care less about talking with your relatives and engaging in conversation with them, so you’re making sure your phone and mophie are completely charged before you leave the house. Maybe you don’t have family to celebrate with. Maybe you don’t want to celebrate anything. Maybe you’re grumpy and need a snickers.

Though these may be real feelings. Though you may justify your feelings with hard evidence. I want you to know something. God wants to change your perspective this morning. He wants to take away those thoughts of truthful contention and replace them with thoughts of GRACE. John the Apostle described Jesus as full of grace and full of truth.Though Jesus knew the truth about the apostles, He still chose them to change the world. Though Jesus knew that Judas would betray him, Peter would deny him, Thomas would doubt him, Jesus still chose to do life with them and show them the riches of His Grace and Mercy through community.

Maybe today you don’t want to deal with friends, family members, or the line at Target. Maybe you just want to isolate yourself and have nothing to do with this fallen world. Just know, that Jesus could have stayed in the comfort of heaven, sinless, faultless, in the glory of His Father. Yet instead, He chose to come into this world and not only show us His love for us, but His graceĀ in light of our sinfulness.

Be a distributor of Grace today. Be a light today. Bring joy today. Proclaim the glorious Gospel of Grace to those who have never heard or seen such things demonstrated. I am praying for a fruitful day for you in Jesus name.

Pastor Hector