UCSB Students Invade Long Beach

“We really got to see a side of the city that most don’t”

One of the greatest things you can experience is a confirmation of why we exist as a church. When 40 something UCSB students met me at the Lone Sailor Memorial on Ocean Blvd. they got to see the beauty of Long Beach. They saw the Beach, the Queen Mary, the Palm Trees, and all the Historic Buildings that line Ocean Blvd. They also saw the loneliness of the people, along with the many prodigals who “once went to church”.

Even though this seemed to leave the students discouraged, I was able to encourage them with a story from my very first mission trip. Summed up, it is a story that strengthens the believer knowing that it is God “who has been working, and will continue to work”(John 5:17) in this city. Whether we plant, water, tend, or harvest, it is God alone who can give the increase.

At the end of the day, they were encouraged. They had seen both the beauty of the city, and the heartache of the city. Their eyes were open to not only those in need of the gospel, but those who knew the gospel and have walked away.

Overall, many were excited to hear that there was a local church who loved them, and cared for their soul. We ask that you please keep those who received invitations in prayer. Pray that the flyer with the church information wouldn’t go to waste, but that God would use it to bring them to church.

We hope you are encouraged and we invite you to check out this video that highlighted the day.

Much Love!