It looks a little different now doesn’t it? Thats because we are now partnering with Subsplash! Which means that you can now give electronically via the form above or directly from the app! We know that check books and cash are a thing of the past, so we want to make it easier for you to give generously to what God has called us to do here locally, nationally, and globally. Thank you for partnering with us in what God wants to do today to prepare His Church for His Return. God Bless.



The 1-Minute Version

The 40- Minute Version

Vision Church Long Beach is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to Mission of God in the City of Long Beach. In this mission, our main goal is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to as many people as we can. No matter the background, their race, their upbringing, or their financial situation, we have learned that people need to know that God loves them and wants to live in community with them. Through neighborhood events, outreach events, and being the church in the city we have seen the fruit of transformed lives. Vision Church Long Beach views Financial Giving as an act of Worship as it is done sacrificially and joyfully (2 Cor. 9:7 ).