November 16th

Worship: Chris G.

Text: Mark 9:1-29


  • The Transfiguration: Verses 1-13. A very Holy Moment declaring who Jesus was. The Disciples were fearful and very contemplative about what had happened and how Jesus responded after the fact. It shows their youth in the scriptures and misunderstanding about what was to happen to Jesus/Messiah.
  • The Deaf and Mute Spirit: Verses 14-29. This man came from a spirit of humility. He knew that Jesus could do it, yet He was still yielding to His Will. He proclaimed that He Believed, yet He needed help in the areas where he was still unsure. There is a security that comes through knowledge of who God is, and the Love He has for His children. It’s unknown but becomes known through faith .

November 23rd

Worship: Jach McKeown

Text: Mark 9:30-50


November 30th

Worship: Frankie & JoAnna Sagrero

Text: Mark 10:1-31