On December 12th, 2015 we decided to take a Visionary Trip to Ensenada, Mexico. I had been praying about partnering with my friend Walt who I ministered with at Reality LA back in 2005. He has been working with about 25-30 kids who really don’t have a father figure in their lives.

After meeting up with Jon Hall, In Name and Blood, Elijah and Michael from Calling All Skaters / YWAM, we headed to Ensenada and began praying for how the Lord would use us.

As we arrived in Ensenada, it seemed like it grew exponentially and became way more commercialized. After picking up Walt, we began to drive to what seemed like Ventura County, beautiful Ocean views and fields ready to be harvested. Upon arriving at Rancho Cardenas we realized that what seemed like an abandoned car bay was actually side-by-side homes with walls of cinder block and tin roofs.

There was about 60-80 people there hanging out as we began to receive God’s heart for his people. After listening to the stories, I knew this was a place that we would be coming back to.

Who are these people? They are indigenous people who work the land for income. They work for a landlord who allows them to stay there at a low rent as long as they work for him in the field at a very low hourly rate. Though labor is strenuous and very demanding, these people will do anything for food and shelter as they trust the Lord to provide in miraculous ways. This is where we come in as a church.

We know that hand-outs will just enable them, so how can we bless them while facilitating growth and self-sustenance? Meet Margarita, she makes bracelets and she loves Jesus. So we bought most of her inventory and told her we would be back for more. These bracelets are a way for us to support her, her family, and raise funds to begin restoring her little village.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the “Buy a Hoodie, Restore a Hood” Fundraiser. Not only were we able to bless Margarita and her village, we brought tons of canned food to bless this little community. On top of that, we left all the profits of the Hoodie Fundraiser with Walt so that he could bring Good News of God’s Provision to kids who wouldn’t have unwrapped a single gift on December 25th.

Keep praying for us as we begin to plan out January’s outreach and head to Ensenada to bring Margarita the fruit of her labor.

Be Encouraged,

Pastor Hector

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Margarita has been selling handmade products to provide for her family. In order to help her find value in her labor we have established a partnership with her and her craft. We purchased most of her inventory and told her we would be back to buy more. Every donation we receive will be broken up into three parts.

33% Will go back to buying more handmade goods from her.
34% Will go straight to her Family
33% Will be used to bless her community

If you want to buy a bracelet from Margarita please email us at

If you would like to support our monthly missions trips to Baja, feel free to use the secure giving portal below.

God Bless!


We had the privilege to partner up with Long Beach Native, Jon Hall/In Name & Blood in blessing three communities in Baja California.

Saturday morning we rose early, prayed, and headed out to meet Pastor Rigo and his wife Marina on the other side of the border. They Pastor Viña Templo in one of the darkest parts of Tijuana. After going to Costco and loading up on sandwich bread, ham, mayo, and chips for the kids, we got a glimpse of his church which backed up to his backyard.

After loading up a little more than 100 sandwiches, we headed out to the city dump. Why? Because there is an unreached people who are in deep poverty and are in need of the Gospel. Here we were able to feed a large number of people, pray for, encourage, and share the love of Jesus with young and old.

After pouring out into the Dumpster Village Population, we headed out to a Canyon in Rosarito, MX. Here we were able to throw a party for about 30 kids who are under privileged and normally live with their grandparents since both parents are working. We only know this because one of the grandparents asked us to pray for her grandson Daniel who needs a medical procedure done that could change his life.

It was a pretty heavy experience, and right before we saw the children smiles and heard their laughter, one of the moms from the village had a seizure right before our eyes. We placed her on her side, and began to speak life into her. Praying that God would fill her with life, that He would breath into her, that He would do a miracle, that He would forgive her for her sins as we did not know if she would pull through. As I felt desperate for Him to work, a guy who was intoxicated stopped his car because he thought it was his sister. Once he found out it wasn’t, he began to cheer me on as I prayed, “Keep talking to her, keep praying, she’ll be alright in five minutes..” is what he said, but I was hardly encouraged because of her two children crying right in front of us. After what seemed a lifetime, she came too, and we continued to pray for her and a couple of people took her back to her home.

With the adrenaline racing, We filled up a piñata with candy, shared the good news of Jesus with the kids, and prayed for Daniel once more and headed home.

This trip has set the bar high, and we can’t wait to fulfill our calling in this region of the world. Keep our church in prayer as we begin to seek the Lord for the purpose of furthering the kingdom in this part of Mexico. We are planning to establish a monthly rhytmn for this outreach in which we will bring practical, educational, and spiritual supplies to the Dumpster Village. Pray for us, and if your led, give to this cause, all the financial support given to this campaign will go directly to seeing this people group reached in the name of Jesus.

Thanks for reading.


We are selling these Lightweight Hoodies to support the mission. The cost to make them is $20. If you would like to support our monthly trips feel free to give whatever you’d like above and beyond $20. All proceeds from this product will go to buying supplies to educate the children, meet practical needs, and most importantly . . . share the good news of Jesus in Baja California.

When ordering please let us know the details of your order. Give us your Size (S-3XL), Sex (Male or Female), and Color of the Hoodie (Green, Blue, Red, Heather Grey, or Black).