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Public Steps of Faith
Living out His Promises one step at a time

April 18th, 2015 Steelhead Coffee opened up for business in the California Heights Neighborhood of Long Beach. Since then I have made it my office space. From day one, John(The Owner) and I have had a fun time building our friendship. From bouncing ideas off of each other, to sharing marketing strategies, and even speaking of Jesus and how radical He was . . . it has been fun learning from him and his passion for Coffee.

One day, he invited me to a Father’s Day event at his shop. It was a belt making workshop put on by Anvil Handcrafted. As I talked to him about what it takes to use this space for a private event, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to ask about using it for a Bible Study.

The next day, John gave me the details for using his space. It was going to cost money, it would require us to purchase a certain amount of drinks, and we would have to commit to making it worth while for the barista, Kristen.

I asked our church to pray. I asked Pastor Bob and Pastor Bryan to pray. Within a few days I was asked to speak at a couple of different locations and I received a random gift from my barber . . . yes my barber. It was enough to cover the first 4 meetings at the coffee shop and I couldn’t help but shout out how faithful He has been to us in every decision. I’ve learned that sometimes the gifts you receive aren’t always suppose to benefit you, but may be used to bring others into the kingdom.

So now what? Now we have a place to meet every other week. We have vision for what we will study. But it will be different. It will be a conversation. A conversation around the life of Jesus. It will involve participation. It will mean that we will get our hands dirty.

Last Night was the first night we met, and well, I cannot begin to tell you how groundbreaking it was for those who came out. The place was packed, so please pray for wisdom as this group grows in spirit and in size.

Feel free to check out the video included in this email and please continue to pray for us. This is a very exciting time in the life of our church and we can’t thank you enough for your prayer and support.

God Bless You,
Pastor Hector